Isostatic toll services (ITS)

IPS is certified in ISO  9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001.

Currently, IPS  has one system: 18” diameter x 85” long and operating to 1225 C and 30,000psi. This HIP system features a Molybdenum furnace capable of 1225C in Argon. Typical heat ramp is 10C per minute. Temperature gradient is +/-  15C. Pressure control +/- 250 psi. Steel and stainless steel load shelves are available as well as alumina plates to prevent sticking.

Located in Olive Branch, Mississippi offering HIP services to the southern United States as well as Mexico and South America.

ITS with its sisters AIP and IPS cross the nation providing veteran engineers capable
of meeting any customer’s needs, from coast to coast.


13963 Fir Street

Oregon City, OR 97045, USA


Our company

Our Advantage
Isostatic Pressing Services (IPS)

Located in Columbus, Ohio and dedicated to supplying high quality, “state of the art”, Hot and Cold Isostatic Presses. Currently expanding its toll HIP services to a new building.

Brittany Persaud

General Manager

Brittany has been general manager of IPS since 2015 and in the industry for many years prior to IPS opening. Brittany relocated to the Portland, OR area and has been instrumental in the company's startup.

IPS is a sister company of American Isostatic Presses (AIP) which has been in business since 1991 supplying companies all over the world with both hot and cold isostatic pressing units.  As a company, IPS has the unique advantage of gaining all the industry's technological improvements from AIP as well as having its equipment maintained by people and engineers who have been in the business for over 25 years.

IPS is able to provide fast turnaround, precise computer controlled parameters with continuous data logging, and low cost without sacrificing quality.  Numerous shipping options located within 15 min; just outside Portland, Oregon; an ideal west coast United States location to help with quick distribution.

American Isostatic Presses (AIP)

Newly opened facility located in Oregon City, Oregon serving the west coast with premium hot isostatic pressing services.

Our System

Isostatic Pressing Services (IPS) is a Toll HIP company started in 2015, primarily for the investment casting industry,  due to its prime location.  Products that frequent through IPS are: medical implants, tungsten carbide, ceramics, titanium, and superalloys, and aerospace parts.  See our "HIP Services" page for more information on our HIP unit or visit "HIP Applications" to learn more about what the HIPing process can do for you.